Up early on my day off….YUCK!!   Book group was fun last night.  I got lost trying to find my friends house out in Prior Lake, MN.  Only four of us were there.  

Today’s agenda is very busy.  Tom has a ear re-check this morning at 8:20 and then I have to go to Target to get a wedding gift for my nephew.  Then I have to come home and pack us for our trip to the wedding in Fargo, ND.   Busy, Busy…..I have to wash one more laod of laundry too since I want to pack a shirt that is in the laundry.  

Time to get ready and get this day going!    I hope to get alot of reading done on the trip there and back!    I might blog over the weekend, not sure I will be taking my laptop with or not.   Later!

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  1. Sweet, sweet look, Jenn!

    What book did y’all discuss?  I’ve got to get cracking on the one for my book club.  I’ve got it checked out but not read yet.  I’m reading one I bought at Sam’s yesterday.  It’s interesting but I don’t like Cokie Roberts’ inserts.  I wish she’d just lay off and tell the story.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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