Sure wish I had a crystal ball……We still can’t decide on this minivan issue.  If we knew this one would make it through the next year without anymore major repairs.  We don’t travel that much, so we could rent if we went to SD, etc.   Shorter trips we can cram the kids into the blazer and they have to just deal with it.  It is like russion roulette….will this be the year that it dies or not.  If we guess wrong it is a costly adventure like last year.   Argh…..decisions, decisions…and I just don’t know which is the right one.   Do I really want to take on another debt when we are jsut trying to climb out of the hole we are in due to hubby being in school/unemployed and living on my income.  The timing is just not very good and of course I would have to buy a different vehicle that is about 5 years old…what if it needs all the reapirs too.   Hubby doesn’t think we can make it one more year, without throwing 500 to 1000 in repairs to our current van and we can’t leave town with it as it isn’t reliable.   But my stance is can we really afford to take on a van payment with our already tight budget!  I can’t make it stretch much more than I am.   I am already very frugal.

Argh…so this car issues is weighing very heavy on my mind right now.   This weekend we are going to my nephews wedding out of town.   Erik is upset he isn’t able to go with us.  I hope he has a good weekend anyways.

Today is my last 12 hour day for the week.  I am happy about that.  I didn’t get much sleep last night since we sat up debating this vehicle issue until late.     Tommy came into our bed sometime during the night.  Well time to get ready for work….have a great day!

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