You won’t believe what happened last night????   Tommy slept through the night!  YEAH!!  And so did I.   SO I felt pretty good this morning, minus the after effects of taking some really strong cough syrup.  

We had a great morning, Tommy and Erik were up and ready to go to daycare very easily.   It was a breeze getting out the door this morning.  I hope our whole summer goes like that.  I was even at work early.  WOW!   Which means I can leave earlier today. 

My day today is filled with two homevisits and plenty of paperwork.   I need to stop at the Dakota County Library (not the cty I live in) and pick up two books on tape!   I also have two waiting for me our library.  I love living in the cities so I can access so many libraries.   I am jsut about finished with my book on tape, The Namesake.  It is pretty good.   I would recommend it.   Next up…Anna Karenina.  I am having trouble reading this book so I am going to listen to it for book group.   I will start reading a different book I guess. 

I remembered to bring my walking shoes to work, so I will have to take a walk over lunch today.  I didn’t walk at all yesterday.  I am 1/2 ways to lifetime at weight watchers, so I need to keep plugging away.   I hope to hit my next 5 pound increment next week.  I have to lose .8 to achieve that.  I think I can do that!

Well off to homevisits….hope everyone has a great day!    

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