Tommy seems to have settled down for the rest of the night now.  I think he was having bad dreams too.   Tomorrow should be a busy day.  I am going to make a ice cream cake for our beginning of summer/ Welcome Erik party!   I have to wrap the boys presetns too.   It is the kick off of our summer reading program too.  We do this each year and I bought them each a book to start it off.  The rest of the summer we will use the library.   Josh and I compete with whoever reads the most pages over the summer wins!  We do compete for money….a $20.00 bill.  Erik competes against himself.  We set the number of pages he needs to read in the summer to win the $20.00 to use on our end of summer trip.    Hey they get spending money for vacation and they read……what more could i ask for!!     I found Erik a great boxed set of books at Half Price books that is he goign to love.  He is a reluctant reader to say the least!    I have no problem getting Josh to read.  

Not exactly sure how we will incoperate Tommy into our summer reading program this year.   Maybe we will jsut see how many books we can read, etc.   I was going to have him to the program at the library, but you have to be 5 this year to participate.  Bummer!

Well off to clear the dining room table and head back to bed and see if I can sleep!

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  1. Love your Welcome Summer ideas!!  I may have to borrow that book idea hehe.  How about incorporating Tommy by reading pages aloud to him? Maybe setting a goal for of pages read aloud to him from picture books.  I don’t know what his comprehension would be of the program, but perhaps if he sees how many pages you have read and how close they get to your goal, maybe he’ll want more pages read to him, maybe he’ll look at books on his own (and you could give him points for pages he “reads”), and then that could just encourage his love of reading even more. 

    I was inspired by’s reading program to do something like this for Tristan.  It’s a goal for myself as well — to make sure to read aloud to him more than I already do.  Maybe I’ll set up a goal chart with stickers or something so he can see the results, and then decide on some kind of reward.  Maybe for every 20 or 30 pages read, he’ll get a sticker.  We’ll see…I’ll have to think about it.

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