I slept in this morning sort of……I at least went back to sleep after being up with Tommy alot during the night.   WOW….do I ever need some real sleep.  Maybe when he turns 7!   Hubby always says everything will be dandy when Tommy is 7.   Only 3 more years of no sleep.  

I have the boys “happy summer” gifts wrapped and the ice cream cake is finished and in the freezer.  All I have to do is write on it with icing gel.   It was really easy to make.   I think it will taste great!    I used an oreo crumb crust, then cookie and cream ice cream, than a whole jar of fudge sauce and more oreo crumbs.  The finally layer was another layer of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.   YUMMY!!   I think we have a new tradition!

I am off to do more laundry before we have to leave to pick up Erik!   

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