Tonight is a good night….all three of our sons asleep under our roof.  Makes you smile.  God is good!  

We picked up Erik this evening, which officially starts our summer.  We then took him to Target because we promised him we would let him pick out a pair of sandals.  He picked out a nice pair.  I was surprised what he picked out….I would not have picked them for him.  We actually had to buy him a pair in the men’s department.   YIKES!!   Our boy is growing up!    He also picked out summer socks, which he said he really needed.   that confused me becuase I think he has some in his drawer, not sure.  Oh well….and while we were looking at clearance he found a pair of shorts he wanted.    Tommy also picked out spiderman jammies and shorts like Erik’s from clearance.    Gotta love clearance for summer clothes.  

The boys enjoyed the ice cream cake and now are playing their x-box’s.  Josh and Erik both brought theirs from their other parents home.  We don’t own any type of games like that at our home.  

Time to head to bed and get some sleep!!  Please let me sleep tonight Tommy!   Hope you all had a great weekend.   

BTW – A Huge Congratulations goes out to mscaffieneaddict and her family on the birth of their second son!!   

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