OUR DAY………..

Our weekends are getting more busy than I would like.   But that is summer!    This morning we did our usual trip to the library and Target to run errands.  Than Tommy and I took naps before heading to the neighbor boys B-day Party. 

Birthday Boys…….following a pirate map to a buried treasure!


The found the treasure!!!  Tommy is the little pirate on the end with the eye patch and birthday hat!   



Can’t see it well, but the boys are playing with a remote control submarine in the pool.



After the party Tommy, Hubby and I went for a light supper at Applebees.   We didn’t feel like cooking tonight.  When we got home my SIL and neice came over to play. 

Tommy and Kristen playing before bedtime!

Now I am tired and ready to curl up in bed and read for the rest of the evening.   Tomorrow we are staying home after church and I have a lot to do!!!! 

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

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