Getting ready to call it a night, put Tommy into bed and read my book for the rest of the evening.    It was a tiring day.  I drove to Duluth this morning (2.5 hours) in the pouring rain.   Went to a placement meeting and drove back home (more rain).  So I drove a little over 300 miles today during my work day and I am the one who hates to drive!   There are a few things in my line of work that I do not enjoy……funerals for children I work with and placements like today.   But I guess it all comes with the job, there are far more rewarding and wonderful things in the job.   Great parents that thank me for my advise and help, calls to tell me about their children’s new milestone (first steps, words and zipping coats! etc).  Gotta love that!   I love the kids, I enjoy being a part of their lives and watching them grow up.  

After I got home I laid down for a bit and put the heating pad on my back.   Nearly 6 hours of driving today made my back hurt!   After that I put a bit of laundry away.  Then Tommy and I played with his leap pad.   His Daddy had bought him two new books and cartridges the other day.   They are too hard for him, but he likes to have the story read to him and he can actually answer the comprehension questions at the end on the SHrek one.  He is a smart little bugger!    Tomorrow I think we will work on his alphabet desk for a while.    We also drew alot tonight.  He is finally willing to pick up a pencil again.  He made alot of T’s and drew pirate ships and people!    I was getting worried since he was so adament about not writing for so long, but now he is enjoying it again.  So we will keep up with that over the summer. 

Sunday night will be the kick off for our summer and our little summer reading program we do at home here.   More about that later………Have a great evening!!! 

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  1. I hope your back is feeling better. I am very thankful for the help my son is getting. Early Childhood Intervention and Speech Therapy are wonderful. My son has made tons of progress. Last Aug. he was completely silent and now with help he is up to 18 words. He is 2 1/2 years old. I am positive you are a wonderful blessing to many people. Keep up the great work!

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