Time to head to bed……calling it a day.   I accomplished a fair amount today, but never everything on my very ambitious list!   I need to make short lists.   OUr house is all clean for the weekend.  Hubby, Josh and I did the weekly blessing of our home.   So the bedding is changed and floors scrubbed.  Love hte smell of a clean house…yep, I am a geek.  

My back has been hurting so bad all week.  I am so tired of the chronic pain from my car accident.  Today the Dr said that some of my injury will be permanent.  ARGH….I hope my pain gets less, because I am not sure I can live at this level forever.  ARGH.   My attorney is starting the process of getting me compensated for my injury.  I am sure that will take a few years.   I just wish it would all disappear!

I did manage to squeeze in a nice walk this afternoon.  It was very enjoyable. 

I best get to bed I have to drive to Duluth in the morning for a meeting…have a great day/night!

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