Want to know a secret???  Don’t tell my co-workers or they will go just nuts!    After working tonight I will be totally caught up on all paperwork and reports.   Luckily I have tomorrow off as I have nothing to do!   Friday I am doing a placement in Duluth.   And next week I have homevisits scheduled so that will keep me busy hopefully.   June is usually a pretty quiet month at my work since kids are just getting out of school.  July and August are more hopping since the kids have been out of school for a while. 

I have been exercising/walking alot this week.  I sure hope it shows on the scale on Monday!   I really need a loss or I will be so discouraged.   I walked on my morning and afternoon break today.  Good to just get out of the office since it isn’t raining.

Josh made it to Valley Fair ok with his friends.   I hope the weather cooperates and they can stay until close like they want to.   This will be our last quiet weekend before summer officially starts at our house.   I hope to enjoy it.  I think we have a birthday party to go to on one of the days for our neighbor boy.     If it is warm this weekend maybe I will get Tommy’s wading pool out. 

Well back to work………..Hope everyone is having a great day!

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  1. Just remember, all that exercising is going to add muscle, too.  Aside from the scale, its good to have a pair of pants to try on and watch them get looser.

    YAY for getting all your work, done!!

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