Well back from urgent care…..yep….Tommy has pink eye.  She was surprised he could get it while he in on the Omnicef since it is a stronger antibiotic.   So she gave him a stronger antibiotic for his eyes.   Well…..we get to the phramacy and of course it isn’t covered by our insurance.   So we could go back to urgent care and ask for a different script or we could just pony up for the stronger antibiotics she scribed to him.   Since we didn’t want to spend our entire Saturday at Dr offices….we coughed up the money!   So this little tiny, tiny, bottle of eye drops was $64.00!  ARGH!!   Hopefully we get rid of this bug Tommy has soon!   He now has infected ear and eyes…..what else could happen?????   Dare I say that out loud????    Now to get on with my day finally! 

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  1. oh wow that really bites… Poor kid. You know the expense of health care, drugs, doc visits, dental care… its really outrageous!  Hope everyone is back up to snuff sooner than later

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