Well I haven’t accomplish as much as I would have liked today, but then I didn’t plan on going to urgent care all afternoon either.  Such is life………

We won’t be able to go to church tomorrow morning since Tommy is still contagious with the pink eye.  So I hope to use the time wisely and get some things done tomorrow.  I have been babysitting my nephew Nick all afternoon and evening.   Once he is picked up we will all be going to bed.   Hubby and I are going to call it an early night and watch a movie in bed.   We have two movies from Netflix to watch.   I think we are going to watch Anchorman.    Josh and Amy went to the movie with a number of other kids.  But they should be home pretty soon.  

Tommy is been going around all night tonight telling us how he is going to sleep in his own bed tonight.   When he was at Target with us today he say some candy, Bubble Tape to be exact and really wanted it.   I told him if he sleeps in his bed tonight like a big boy we will go buy it tomorrow.   So he is very excited.   We will see how he does.   It is up to him….. candy is a real treat in our house.   I can’t remember the last time I bought him candy at the store.   We have a little bit left in a candy jar which is all the candy from Easter or something that no one wanted…LOL!!!  It is all tootsie rolls, which no one likes. 

It finally quit raining in MN…so I took advantage and went for a bike ride.  I increased my ride to 4 miles tonight and did ok.  I was a little out of breathe, but no asthma attack so that is good.   But my legs are tired!!!!  I also walked for 2 of my lunch breaks at work this week too.  So I got in a fair amount of exercise im this week!

Well off to do my bedtime routine and sweep the kitchen floor.  Have a great evening!!!!

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  1. Props on the bike ride (and especially on no asthma attack), sorry about church & the pinkeye/ear infection
    And yes, I’m supposed to be having a baby, but it seems to be taking a last break before making its arrival!

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