Having a hard time getting Tommy to go to bed tonight.   I have already layed down with him for 1/2 hour and I am just not ready to go to bed yet.   I did get Tommy’s and Erik’s summer clothes out and organized.  They both have plenty of shorts.  I bought Tommy some more underwear today since he is wearing them most of the time now.   I will take Erik shopping when he gets here for the summer.  

I bought one book at Half Price Books, called Drowning Ruth.   I have been meaning to read that one.  I am reading the Frugal Living book and should finish that this weekend.  Then I will either start my book for book group in June or will read Drowning Ruth.  I do have a good book about autism that I picked up at the library….too….too many books and not enough time!  

Later!  I  think Tommy is finally asleep…I am going to bed to read!  NIGHT!

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