I wish I ever could report I had a fabulous night of sleep.  Tommy woke up around 4:00 to tell me his night light was off and he was scared.  He went back to his bed after I got up and turned it on.  Then he came back in our room and said he was scared.  So he was in bed with us…..then I fell asleep to only be woke up because he wanted socks and his toes were cold.  He refused to sleep under any covers!   Plus we didn’t get to bed until around midnight!  We had friends over and we were working on their sons video for his graduation.  We have it mostly done, jsut have to do a bit of editing.  It turned out really great!!   It even made me teary eyed and it isn’t my son graduating.  They are going to be a great help to us with Josh’s graduation next year.  She already told us where to go for his pictures and I will be calling very soon to get an appointment!    We are doing Josh’s graduation pictures this summer.  

We actually overslept for church.  I couldn’t believe it, we haven’t missed church in like 6 months.  Oh well….I have alot to get done today.  Laundry, laundry and more laundry!!!  I suppose I should get showered and get going on our day.   Of course it is cloudy with no sun again…will it ever be summer in MN????

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