Happy WEEKEND!!   Today has been a lovely day.    I sort of slept in…..and hubby took Tommy to preschool for me and I went to get my blood draw.  And the tech found my vein in one try….unheard of!    Then I came home and had my breakfast… I was starving!    Then off to run errands.  

WHen we budget each of us split the remaining money after bills and expenses.  We call it fun money.   I had saved my fun money for 4 month and purchased a food saver today!   The best part was that it was only 94.00 and they had been much more than that when I last looked at them at Sam’s Club.   So that is exciting.   I hope everyone will tell me what they use their food saver for so I get the most out of mine!!!   What do you use yours for????  

When I was at Target, I bumped into my Dr.  That is always funny since even though this is the city you still sort of get the small town feeling every once in a while.  So that was funny.   My Dr is great….she is very nice. 

Then off to get groceries….I was at Aldi and to my dismay as I am getting my cart, there is a man urinating behind the carts.  For Pete’s sake man…there is a bathroom in the store!  YUCK!!   After Aldi and I went to Rainbow.   One thing I believe is that if you expect your children to be honest, you better walk that rope too.  And jsut not telling someone something is not honest!!  So I am standing at the checkout and I know my groceries should be about 47.00 since I have to use a calculator to make sure I don’t go over our budget since money can be fairly tight for us.  So she takes off my coupons and one of the coupons takes off 25.00 of my bill.   I admit I stand there and go….well….I sure could use an extra 25.   But in the end I tell her, I think something is wrong with my bill since the pop coupon took off 25.00.   She fixed it, but I don’t think she added enough back in but I wasn’t going to argue with her so I paid the amount she said.     So have you ever been faced with one of the errors or they gave you back way too much change, etc….do you tell or not???   It is a hard deicsion some days I admit!

Then I came home and put away groceris and hubby wanted to go to 1/2 price books.  Always a mistake for me…..I could buy and buy books….but shouldn’t since I go to the library every Satruday.  I did buy two cookbooks and a couple of books for my mom.  (Mom, I will mail them to you later! not much of a surprise now!). 

I also took my bike for a ride today since it is not raining today for the first time in ages!!  Man did my legs feel like jello after that!   YIKES!  I will need to keep riding I guess.  I only probably road about 3 miles or so. 

Then my wonderful hubby said he would pick up both boys since I wanted to read my book as it is due at the library tomorrow!   Gotta love that man!  One of his co-workers stopped by to talk to him and mentioned he applied for a different job at the college.  Hmm….didn’t know about that.  I told him and he was bummed since he wanted to surprise me with it if he got the job.   I am so proud of him and the hard work he does.  She said he is the “golden boy”.  LOL!!   This will be really helpful as Tommy’s preschool will be 140.00 a month next year since he will be going 2 days a week. 

So I spent the rest of the afternoon outside reading my book, which I finished. 

Vanishing Act – Jodi Picoult – 4/5

Hubby and the boys came home and they had been garage saling and bought home more toys…LOL!!  That man does spoil those boys.  

Tonight we are going to have family movie night and watch “racing Stripes”.   Tommy fell asleep so I am not sure how well this will work.   We will see…… Josh is still at work and Erik is actually outside playing with the kids!

Well that is my Friday in a nutshell!  How has your day gone????

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