I came home from work an hour early today and took a little nap before church.   We headed off to church and had supper at church.  Our class was very small and this is our last class for the year.  We are planning on going over to another couples from church home for Memorial Day.   Tommy had a good time at church. 

Once home I did my bedtime routine and paid bills.  Hubby has been at his new job for six month and received a small raise.   Hopefully in a year or so he will be back to the salary he left.   I will get a raise in August so hopefully things will get a little less tight for us.  We were under a salary freeze so I didn’t get my normal cost of living raise in January.  I am used to getting two raises a year.  We are working very hard to pay off our debts and will continue that.  

I have saved enough money in the last few months that I am able to buy my Food Saver this weekend.   I am looking forward to that.  I have been saving my fun money since Janaury to purchase this.   I still need to pay $10.00 a week of my fun money towards my weight Watchers as well.  

Time for me to head to bed…….Tommy is having a very hard time tonight.  Hubby is trying to get him to sleep in his bed.   Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week!  YEAH!! 

Good Night!

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