Today is a 12 hour day for me.   My last homevisit is at 7:00 tonight, than I can come home.   Hopefully the day goes by pretty fast.   We didn’t sleep too well last night, my littlest boy was in bed with us and he is such a mover and kicker.    I was the last to fall asleep since I read for a while.   Tommy actually fell asleep while I was reading.  

I have a load of laundry going already and now I am going to fold and put away the towels and get us ready to leave for work/daycare.   I finally finished reading myfirst book for May.  I am not reading too much this month.  OH well…..I am about 1/2 done with two different books so I will probably finish both of those up before the end of the month.   Have a great day!!!


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  1. I honestly don’t know how you can read at all with working a full time job!!!  Good for you, Jenn!  I hope you have a great day!  Love,  Suzanne

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