Happy MONDAY!!   I was really worried about weighing in at Weight Watchers today since I haven’t really been doing the program very well this last two weeks.   But I was happy that I lost jsut under 1 pound this week.  It seems to be coming off so slowly, but at least it is coming off.   I hope to do better this week and exercise more.   I have one more week of Weight Watchers than I need to resign up.  I decided today that I will sign up and continue to do so until I make lifetime.   Many of my co-workers have already made lifetime.   I can do it too!!!

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  1. Good for you!! Losing slowly is the best way to do it. I’ve been at WW since Sept. 04 and have lost 30 lbs so its coming off slow for me too. I’ve been toying around with quitting WW and losing the last little bit on my own. Like you I decided I would stick with it and get to Lifetime. I guess I want that official title after all this work.

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