Been reading but not posting the last few days.  I have a feeling that will change now.  I just got back from the Dr and she put me on Predisone, which means I won’t be sleeping at all for a few days.  But it is worth it, I do breathe better.  The inhaled steroids (pulmacort) didn’t seem to be cutting it.  I am on a short burst of Predisone so hopefully only a few nights of manic cleaning into the wee hours of the night.  

I have decided to stay home from the movie tonight.  I didn’t want to cough and blow my nose through the entire movie and bother people.  So Tommy and I will be staying home.

Friday is my pampered chef party.  I have a lot of outside orders already.  Not sure home many people will be actually coming to the party.  I hate to call and ask them, just not within my comfort zone.  I need to still go to the grocery store and buy the items to make the food for the party. 

I did grocery shopping Tuesday and finished today.   I stayed under my 150.00 budget for two weeks.  I was happy about that.  I bought most of my staples at Cub Foods and spent 91.74 and today I went to Rainbow and spent 24.08.   At Rainbow I bought pork spare ribs which were on sale for .99 a pound.    I bought 6 packs, so should be set for a while.  I stock up on meat only when one sale and plan my meals around what I have in the freezer mostly.  So my grand total for 2 weeks of groceries was 115.82.  Pretty good, I think even after I go buy the items for I need for the party I will still be under my 150 budget.  YEAH!!  Always makes me happy, but I hate taking the time to menu plan and clip coupons.  It takes me almost 2 hours to get it all done, but so worth it.  Especially since I saved money on groceries I could afford to get my haircut at the spa!  LOL!!   So Tuesday I got my haircut and had my eyebrows waxed.  

My curtain saga continues…………..I still don’t ahve curtains in my living room.  I am not so happy with JCPenney right now, but that is material for another blag.  I have to run and pick up Tommy so I have supper ready for Josh and Paul to go to the movie tonight.    LATER!!!

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  1. I need to buy a garlic press and a couple of other pampered chef items. Email me your link asap and I’ll order them so you get credit.

    I also shop wisely. Fun, isn’t it?

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