Not sure I ever posted these in their entirety.   I have finished the Miserly Moms book and need to return it to the library today.


MISERLY MOMS – Jonni McCoy – 1996 – Full Quart Press


1.       Don’t Confuse Frugality with Depriving Yourself

2.          Remove Little Wasters of Your Money
3.       Keep Track of Food Prices
4.       Don’t Buy Everything At The Same Store
5.       Buy In Bulk Whenever Possible
6.          Eliminate Convenience Foods
7.       Cut Back on Meats
8.       Waste Nothing
9.          Institute A Soup and Bread Night

10.     Cook Several Meals at Once and Freeze Them


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  1. I like the soup and bread night idea. i feel full on that meal. unfortunately my 3 boys and hubby don’t feel the same way. Where’s the rest of the dinner mom? LOL!

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