The curtains nightmare continues!!!!    My hubby had spent all day putting up the new rods only to find out we hate them!!    The rods only have one traversing rod.  The Sheers aren’t on a traversing rod, but we were ensure they would just slide….NOT!!!   The braces to hold up the middle of the curtains rod on the large window are in the way.   This will not work.  My hubby is even a bigger perfectionist than I!    I was ok and wanted to leave the dining room one, but he said we have to return both rods and all the sheers. 

We do love the curtains and ascots.  So tomorrow I am stopping at JCPenney’s again and will order from the catalog, the rods and sheers for a traverse rod.   We will return these once the new ones come or we will have nothing on our windows.  What a pain in my butt!

But like my hubby said when you pay this kind of money, it should work how you want it to. We will be having these curtains for the next 20 years or something…who wants to put up with that.   He is right….it is just annoying.    

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