Busy day….church this morning.  Then home to get things together togo over to a friends house that jsut had a baby.  We took over some gifts and a couple of frozen meals for her family. 

Then it was off to curtain shop!  OH MY WORD are drapes expensive.  We want some nicethink ones.  YIKES!   The sheers were buy one at full price and get the second for $1.00.  I need like 7 of them for my two windows.   The grand total for both windows was a shock, but we will have new curtains.   I had to order 8 of the ascots as they didnt’ have enough, but she ordered them at sale price.  They will come in the mail within 5 days.  I will take pictrues when I have the windows all done. 

After curtain shopping we went to Timber Lodge for supper.  Tommy doesn’t behave well in sit down restaurants, so this wasn’t the best choice.  We were going to go check out the Aldi store in IGH, MN but all decided to come home and take naps instead.  I will have to check it out sometime on my lunch breaks from work. 

Well with this all said, it is time for me to grab a quick nap.  Tommy fell asleep on the way home from JCPENNEY’s so I am not sure how long he will sleep.  Later!!!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad you found the curtains, I shopped for new ones when we bought our house a few months ago and was shocked at the prices!!  Sorry you have to return one of them which delays them being hung.  Oh and Aldi stores are not open on Sundays, so it’s a good thing you didn’t go yesterday.  Sorry I forgot to mention that.  🙂

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