Well not a good night of sleep again.  Tommy was up at 3:50am…he came to bed with me and got up again at 6:00am.   I was so tired.  I have been lazy lately and realy have a numberof things to get done today.   I think it will be  list day!!  I am going to dry my hair and then we are off to the library.  I have a bunch of cookbooks on reserve!  YEAH!!  I am really in the mood to look at cookbooks lately.  I haven’t been reading much of actual novels.  I go in my spurts.


Clear off Dining Room Table
3 Loads of laundry
Clean Cat Liter
Make Roast for supper and apple Cake
Call Suzanne
Straighten my bedroom
Take a nap!


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  1. I just bought “Once a Month Cooking” from eBay.  Looks interesting (cook huge batches only one day a month), I have to swallow & work up the nerve to try it…

    Good luck with your To Do List.  Sorry the Tomster didn’t sleep well  GL tonight!

  2. I just found your site and cannot believe how much we have in common! I, too, am a FLYbaby, love cooking, finding ways to save money, and reading! Have you ever checked out the magazine Quick Cooking?

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