Just finishing up my lunch at work…..then I have some paperwork to do and will be heading out for homevisits.   Tonight there will be no working on the basement.  I need to get caught up on dishes and laundry.   Josh is home sick today as well.  

I hope to begin working on my price book tonight as well.   I have to get my cleaning done tonight as well.  

Money saving Tip:

Bring your own lunch to work…..

I bring weekly this and leave in the fridge at work.  This gives me lunch for the entire week and usually one day of the next week.

Iceberg lettuce  (bag)   1.39
Dressing –                    3.09 ( Lasts about month)
Cheese (shredded)       2.00 (last for more than a week)
Turkey (cuded)             2.00  (last for two weeks at least)

Weekly expense –  Approx. – 4.42 as some items last longer than a week.

Daily expense for lunch at work…………………..  .88 cents


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  1. I hadn’t thought about doing it that way.  It makes a lot more sense than fixing in individual lunch each day.  I will have to try that after our next shopping trip!  Thanks

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