Want to see my dirty little secret??  lOL!!  Yes, I do keep a fairly tidy house, but right now my basement is totally ripped apart.  I am working slowly to get it done, but it is an over whelming project. 

So I thought I would share…..

Boxes and Bins everywhere.  They used to be all stacked in the corner, but I wanted to put shelves in the corner so I have to move them all out.  Now what a mess!!

The toys area is stacked with toys now.  I am putting at least one more shelf in there and getting rid on many toys.  Hubby got a bit too excited about the baby and bought WAY too much junk!  But he sure loves his baby.

This will be my storage area.  We have bought two more shelves.  I am able to fit into my budget to buy about two shelves each pay period.  The ones there are from last time.  We have two more to put together that we bought last night.  The blue bins are full of clothes for Tommy and Erik. 

So now you know my little secret.  I have to have the basement entirely done by March 1st as the electrician is coming then.  My brother is coming on March 6th to stay with us a few days.  He is going to help get the old truck in our driveway running so we can get rid of it.  I have a roast in the crock pot so I guess I should get back to the basement.  I jsut put Tommy down for a nap and he seems to be settling down finally. 

Tommy totally surprised Josh and I today.  Josh was getting him dressed and changing him.  We count with him when he do this.  Tommy started counting….in SPanish???…I am not sure where he picked this up at.  Maybe they are learning it in daycare.  He could count to 6 in Spanish.  He counts to about 19 in English.  Very weird.   I called hubby at work to see if he taught him this.  Nope….hmmmm…very strange.

(borrowed from someones site, can’t remember who now, SOrry!)

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  1. That looks like the messy half of our basement since the boys built the rec room on the other side! I just can’t bring myself to go down there and clean it out.  We have lots of shelves on the walls, but they are full. I need more on the opposite wall, but can’t get them there until they get the old kitchen table and chairs out of there and refinish them!

  2. Hehehe That’s what my basement looks like. Well, part of it anyway. We’ll have a garage sale this spring.

    Maybe Tommy learned it from TV, I know there’s a few shows that count in Spanish (if I remember that long ago )

  3. Felicidades, Tommy!!  You’ve been watching Dora, perhaps???  Your basement’s not so bad, Ostara, don’t worry.  I like the way you have a plan of attack for it (complete with deadlines), that is a GREAT way to do it….

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