YEAH!!  It is Friday!!   I am doing a happy dance that is for sure.   I hope to really get busy on the basement this weekend.  I think hubby and I will purchase another two shelves since it was payday today. 

I checked our checking account this morning to see how much my payroll was and I was surprised to find our state tax refund in there.   We just did our taxes on Monday and have our state refund on Friday!  WOW!!  That went stright to our savings account. 

It has been a very busy week at work.  I have had numerous school and home visits each day.  Today I am working the entire day on paperwork.  I have a huge pile so I hope I can get it done.   ARGH!!

Have a great day!!


Make Menu and Grocery List
Get Groceries
Pay Bills
Repot my plants from work
Photos for work

The conflict of forces and the struggle of opposing wills are the essensce of our universe and alone hold it together.  – Havelock Ellis

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