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Cooking and Grocery Tips

You will spend less on food if you shop with a list and never shop when your hungry.

Shopping during off peak hours not only saves time, but means less time standing near “compulsive purchase” merchandise near the checkout.

You can save hundreds of dollars a year by comparing price-per-ounce or other unit prices on shelf labels. Stock up on those items with low per-unit costs.

Cut coupons and organize them by food group or in an expandable check file. Cut and save only the ones you know you will use. Don’t buy something, simply because you have a coupon for it.

Add ‘bulk cooking’ to your vocabulary. Set aside one day per week and prepare meals for the next seven days – place them in the freezer. This will shave 100’s of dollars off your yearly food expenses. There will always be something in the freezer to fix, so need to run out for fast food.

Watch the grocery clerk as they scan your items to avoid being over-charged and double check your bill before you leave. Incorrect pricing and over charging is not uncommon.

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  1. I find I spend less when I get the ad out and make my list, marking what’s on sale.  I can figure out a pretty good total for what I’m going to spend that way. 

    My mom’s main thing when we were all at home was “buy what’s on sale that week and eat it!”

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