MORE MISERLY MOMS INFO….Cont. from a previous post

MISERLY GUIDELINE # 2:  Remove Little Wasters of Your Money
WEEKLY MEAL AT McDonald’s = $35.00 a month or 420.00 a year. 
HUBBY BUYING LUNCH AT GAS STATION = 5×5 – 25/week or 1300/year
Vending Machine vs. bringing 24-pak = .65 x 5 = 3.25/wk  VS. cost of 24 pak on sale= 4.77 /month
Vending Machine vs. bringing 24-pak = 5 x 1.10 = 5.50/wk vs. 24-pak on sale = $5.00/month

I know there are more things…but can’t think of them this moment.  Hmmm…


I am not doing this one currently very closely and am going to start by having a price book in my purse at all times as suggested by Jonni.   I need to know if the sale price at Cub is cheaper than the unit price at Sam’s club.  Some things are cheaper at the warehouse, some aren’t. 

Make more of my own items, such as snacks. 
Continue to not buy much processed food. 
Begin Making a Price Book
Avoid eating Out (doing well on this already)
Avoid Convenient mixes and premade food (could do a bit better here)

GUIDELINE # 4: Don’t Buy Everything at the Same Store

Buy the Sale Items as each store and then finish your shopping list at the cheapest store.   Buy some things that you *know are cheaper at the warehouse stores.  Use coupons, this is something to be careful about.  I only use coupons for things that are on my shopping list.  Which usually isn’t much since I don’t buy much processed food and that is what the coupons in our Sunday paper are usually for. 

When tempted by a coupon Jonni says to ask yourself the following questions:

DO I need it?
Can I buy it cheaper in another Brand?
Can I make it cheaper?

GUIDELINE #5 Buy in Bulk Wherever Possible

This means buying numerous numbers of an item that is on a really good sale and it is something you use frequently.  Also this means buying items in larger container size to make the savings.  We buy meat in bulk and freeze in ziplock bags.  (not exactly sure I am getting the best price on freezer bags so will add that to my price book)  I have a shelf in the my laundry room that we use for extra food storage since we buy in bulk frequently. 

GUIDELINE # 6:  Make Your Own Wherever Possible

This one is hard for me at times since I work full time out side of the home.  I did recently make my own shake and bake mix and it was great!  A fraction of the cost of purchased kind.  I am definitely going to do this more for breakfast foods.  Tommy likes to have pancakes, French toast and muffins for breakfast.  I can make these and freeze them easy enough.  I do this some, but not regularly enough.  I freeze banana bread and stuff like that as well.  (I should take one out for dessert for supper).  I should make cookies more often for snacks as well.   

Ok now youare up to where I am in this book….I am off to read some more before Tommy wakes up.  Later!


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