I am off to bed.  Tonight Families First was very good, our Faith Development minister came and talked about teaching our children to pray.  They learn from seeing us pray.   I must admit I don’t pray in front of my children much.  I usually pray in the morning or evening when doing devotionals or while driving in my car.   I will have to make a point of praying with my chidren more. 

Tommy was a bit wound up tonight, but is asleep now.  I did get him in bed fairly early, but he was jsut playing in his room for the longest time.  While he played I washed dishes, scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors and started some laundry.   It is now nearly 10:30 and I should head to bed.  

Hope everyone has a great night!   Catch ya tomorrow.  Tomorrow is my Errands day…and I don’t think I have any Errands.  They tend to be done every other week.  Usually it cooresponds with when I get paid.   No money….no errands.

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