I suppose I should go and get busy with some chores around here.  Hubby is home from the annual meeting at church.  Our church is starting a school this September.  We are leaning towards sending Tommy to our church’s school for Kindergarten in 4 years.  We hope that the school will be all set up and doing well by then!  They will offer full day kindergarten, which we both want for Tommy.  The tuition isn’t too bad either.  They will only be having one Kindergarten class of 20 children so I will need to get him on a waiting list.   We really want the best for Tommy.  If after Kindergarten we decided that private school continues to be the best for him, that is what we will budget for and make happen.    I never want to skimp on my child’s education.  My hubby and I have always really valued our children’s education.  I had thought of sending Josh to private school when we moved here, but he had never been in private school and I didn’t want to start him in 4th grade.  He had enough adjusting to do to moving here. 

Tommy is already very familiar with the school at our church since we currently have about 175 children in the preschool program and Tommy has attended that since he was 6 months old. 

It is sort of funny planning already for Tommy to go to Kindergarten, but if we want him in private school, we have to do it now!

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