I made a great gain in my financial responsiblity goal today!!!  I located an attorney that does wills and will give me a discount because my employer is a member of MERSC.  So I have printed the estate planning questionnaire and will fill that out with my hubby.  It is all pretty easy as we have discussed it most already, except for the guardians for our children, mainly Josh and Tommy.  We don’t have to worry about Erik as he would still has  two parents to care for him in the event of our death.      So we have an appointment in February with an attorney and our wills will be done!

I wish my parents would get a will.  I think alot of their stuff will be held up in probate court and a chunk of money will go to a probate attorney.  I have been on a kick of reading financial books so this was high on my priority list to complete this year!!! 

The other thing that I really need to do was to do a quick deed on our house.  I had to add Pauls name to the house ownership.   My friend’s boyfriend is an attorney and will help fill out the quick deed.  Then we just take it to court house and it is done!  It only takes about 15 minutes or so she said.  All these little things that seem like a pain, sure can protect your loved ones in the end.   That is what I want a piece of mind that things are taken care of. 

The next thing to do is pay off all our debt.  That will take many years, but we will for sure have our mortgage paid off faster than 30 years!  I am feeling good about our progress.

And lastly I am happily eating my luch and following my diet.  Someone came up to me today and said “you have lost a ton of weight!!” Good for you”.   I need random people say that to me so I stay motivated!! So far so good!

I am adding having my eyebrows done if I can to my haircut on Monday!!  I deserve a treat!!  Well almost done with my lunch.  I need to go buy a water.  (Disclaimer:  yes, the queen of cheap never buys water, but for some weird reason we only have hot water at our office this week)   so I will go buy a bottle!  


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  1. Yes!!!  You are on your way to getting that will done…you are such a good influence on me. Thanks for helping me move it from the back burner of my brain closer to the front… 

    And I’ve now only seen the Wiggles today, but they’re amusing!

  2. Hi there…I love your website….It’s good to know that I can relate to someone else who has gone through the same hiccups in life.

    I’m married with 2 kids (Caitlyn 5 months, Clayton 2 years old). My husband is in the Air Force. We were married 9-7-99 in Hawaii (I noticed you were married a year after), had problems getting pregnant….when I finally got pregnant, I was diagnosed as having Gestational diabetes….I had to endure the insulin shots too 3 times a day and the finger tests…yuck…with my second pregnancy I had gestational diabetes but i was able to control it this time with diet…..

    It’s great knowing there are other people out there I can relate to…..

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