It has been a busy, but good day.  The dishes are done, a dent made in the laundry and the dining room table cleaned off.   My SIL came over today to do laundry so Tommy and Kristen played alot today.  They did very well.  Tommy would not take a nap today at all, but fell asleep on the couch early.  Luckily I had given  bath earlier.  I hope he sleeps through the night!!!

Hubby made supper, chili.  It was a bit spicy for me, but he liked it!  I jsut love it when he cooks.  Nice to have a day off!   I did pay bills and did the checkbook always a depressing adventure. 

Which Brings me to my next resolution…..

2.  Financial Responsiblity –  I handle all the household bills and accounts.  But I must say my hubby has gotten 100% better about not freely spending money.   We sit down and look at the week, what bills are left and what money we have.  It tends to be tight, but we make a huge commitment to live within our means.  Which means if we don’t have the money, we don’t do it!  I found that credit and credit cards do nothing but inable you to learn to live within your means.  Unless their is an emergecny you have to live on what you make yearly.  I also think it is very important to teach your children about finances and credit, etc. 


  • Pay every Credit Card off at end of each month
  • Pay extra towards principle on loans -EACH MONTH
  • Save up for larger expenses (DON”T Charge!)
  • Complete our Wills
  • Begin second Deferred Compensations account for retirement
  • Begin more indepth financial education for Joshua
  • Read a couple more financial/investing books

I did not have a financial goal last year as my hubby was unemplyed for the third year and it was all we could do to just maintain.  Now with a second income it is time to work towards the goal of being “debt free”. 

3.  Homemaking –  I pride myself in being a good homemaker and still work full time.  I will get back into Flylady and continue with routines.  I am not doing bad with this area of my life.


  • Do my Zones Each month
  • Finish Decluttering main floor of house
  • Declutter the basement
  • Make a menu weekly
  • Follow routines

More on my last two areas of self-improvement another day.  Got to take care of myself and get to bed!!  Night!!

4.  Friends/Family


5.  Marriage

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  1. Good luck on your goals. We are in the same boat you were in last year, living off one income, so we are breaking even too. Hopefully though, I can use this time to learn to be more frugal, and not to spend spend spend. I need help in that area. I am an impulse buying. Buy now, regret later. Last night I couldn’t even sleep because I kept thinking about these things I was bidding on at ebay and actually hoping someone would outbid me so I wouldn’t have to spend the money! Anyway, it won’t happen overnight, I know. I created a self improvement group to try to keep myself on track and to store articles that I felt were helpful and it has been helping me. I like reading your journal because we have many similar goals. I think with school starting TODAY, I will get the housework done better because I cannot procrastinate it anymore. My house is always “clean” just really cluttered because NO ONE puts anything up when they are done with it. And no one cleans up their messes. For example, if the boys make a mess in the dining room, they leave it. Food on the table, on the floor, trash laying on the floor, school stuff thrown where ever, on the floor, furniture, table, etc. and I have to constantly follow them around and tell them to clean this, clean that, etc. I am making a new rule, no one can watch tv or play games unless their messes are picked up. I am not going to stand over them and follow them around. They will know what needs to be taken care of and I will check it and if it isn’t done, no tv or games. I don’t have time to stand in the room with them and supervise them and they are old enough they know what to do, they just don’t want to do it, so if they fiddle around and don’t do it, then that is longer they don’t get to play games or watch tv or whatever else they want to do. I know, mean mommy! 🙂

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