A few things that make this cold Minnesota weather bearable????

  • My new truck has heated seats!!  Warm butt!!  Hubby spoils me!

  • Paying for Gas at the Pump

  • Simon Delivers – Hubby hasn’t let me try this yet, but all my co-workers use it.  You order your groceries online and they deliver to your house.  AAAH…..I so want this!

  • Tanning Booths – gotta love them – nothing lifts my spirits more than some rays.

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  1. Heated car/truck seats sound wonderful! Sometimes, even though the heater is working, if your seater is cold, you just can’t GET warm! I’m checking out “Simon Delivers” as I type this. I’m betting it’s not available in our area! Okay, I can’t even figure out from the website whether or not they deliver in our area!

  2. It is freezing in NJ this week!  It’s 17 degrees today (you guys probably have it colder, but that’s still pretty darn cold).

    And a suggestion: one thing that might make winter even more bearable for you would be for MN to join the other 4 (or is it two) states in the Union, NJ among them, to pass a law prohibiting self-serve gas.  It’s the law in NJ that we may not pump our own gas!  I always spill the darn stuff all over whenever I go to another state!!!   Suggest it to your legislature!  (it IS frustrating, though, when the station is busy and there’s only 1 person working the pumps)

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