I probably made a bad decision this evening.  Tommy fell asleep at like 7:15 since I didn’t give him a nap.  Instead of deciding to go to bed myself at a reasonable hour, I am here typing to you.  lOL!!  I might not get much sleep tonight if he wakes up and thinks nap time is over.   Luckily for me, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.  I don’t return to work until Tuesday.  One more day of freedom!

Erik had returned to his mothers.  I am sure he is happy to be gone.  He really had to do alot of writing, but his father was so upset with him.  I would seriously be surprised if Erik steals again.  The whole situation is very disappointing.

Once Tommy had his bath and Erik was gone.  I decided to finish cleaning our office.  I have things pretty organized.  Tomorrow I have a Dr appointment in the morning and then I plan on decluttering Tommy’s closet and room as well as my own.   I also got a bit caught up on my email tonight.  My SIL came over and did laundry too! 


  • Go to Dr.

  • Get Tabs for Blazer

  • De-clutter/ clean Tommy’s room

  • Declutter/Clean my room

  • Call the Vets to take away all the things I decluttered

  • Make Menu for next two weeks

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