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How is everyone this afternoon??  I am tired, I stayed up too late last night watching home and garden TV with my SIL.  Tommy actually slept until 7:00am, so 3:00 am wake up last night.  YEAH!!  A few more nights of that I will be feeling almost human again.

Tonight we are going to our neighbors house for a fondue party.  I have already grabbed the stuff we need from the grocery store.  I will cut up vegs and bread in a while.  I am not sure what Josh is doing tonight, he is still deciding. 


Drop baptism bears off at Church
Grocery Store
Liquor Store

Take a nap
Cut up vegs and Bread for party

I have to tell you about an embarassing moment with my 2 year old this morning.  We went to the liquor store to pick up some refreshments for tonight.  I put him in the cart and I am looking at the wall of beer looking for the kind my hubby drinks (i don’t drink beer!) and Tommy yells, ” LOOK MOM, Daddy’s milk!!”  He found the kind we were suppose to buy.  So we are waiting in line and he has to tell everyone, “This is my Daddy’s Milk.”   ARGH!!  Never a dull moment with my very verbal child. 

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and I am not done with my decluttering yet.  I will have a few days off to work on it.  I didn’t do much yesterday with the various errands I had to do.  Erik comes for visitation on Friday and Josh will be at his Dad’s this weekend.  We are going to the community center for my nephews birthday party on Saturday too.  It is a very busy weekend again.  I hope the weekend goes better for Erik, so he isn’t grounded the entire time he is here.  Last visit wasn’t very good at all. 

Well I am off to complete an item on my list…….my nap!! 

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  1. LOL on daddy’s milk   One time I was in the grocery store with my dd when she was little.  I bought some tampons and she said, out loud, oh, mommy uses these when she is in the bathroom.  Kids…

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