Fairly quiet evening here.  Tommy came home from daycare very cranky as he won’t take a nap.  So I left him up and he was actually in bed asleep by 10:00.  I hope this will help him sleep through the night, we will see.  My SIL and neice came over to do laundry and joined up for supper. 

They played with Tommy and his new Dora computer game.  He is starting to click the mouse if you help him get it to where he points on the screen.  He could do the activity where you find the books by color, since he knows all his colors, but that was about it. 

I washed up dishes and then we played CLUE.  My neice got this game for Christmas so we played that.   My oldest son, Josh was over at a friends house.  He came home at 10:30 and showed me his wrist.  Two of his friends had been wrestling around and accidently kicked him in the wrist.  It is really swollen up about twice it’s normal size.  YIKES!!  He is resting on the couch and has ice on it.  I will probably be taking him to the Dr in the morning to have it x-rayed to make sure it isn’t broken.  He hada buckle fracture once before that went untreated for a day or so since I didn’t take him in sice he could move it fine.   When it continued to hurt I took him in and found out it was fractured.   So he has had some advil and is resting now.  I hope I can get an appointment with our peds tomorrow. 

Well since Tommy is in bed at a decent time, I think I will go to bed and read for a bit.   Hope everyone is having a great day!

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