Well not having a nap didn’t help much with Tommy last night.  He was still up at 3:10am.   I put him back in his bed and he went to sleep,  I just don’t want to be getting up!!  

I got up at 7:30 this morning to check on Josh.  His wrist is still swollen so I made a Dr appointment for him today.   Our peds had no appointments for today, so we are seeing Dr. Snellman, who’s first appointment isn’t until 2:40.  He was the only peds with appointments today.  So I will let Josh sleep as long as possible and them get him up. 

I asked hubby to take Tom to daycare today, as I will be doinga bit of running and sitting at the Dr’s.   I also have to pick up our kitten from the vets.   I will being running abit today, but hope to work on cleaning up the office as well. 

Well Hubby is off to work and Tommy to daycare.  I best start my day and shower and get busy!

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