YIKES!!   You know I never really checked how much it would cost to get our kitten spayed.  She was driving my sons nuts when she was in heat so I just had it done!!  It cost me 278.00, talk about sticker shock!!   Oh well, she is all taken care of and will leave the children alone. 

I am going to declutter some more in my office than take Josh to the Dr.  Later!

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  1. Bwah? Did you have shots and stuff done too? It should never, ever cost that much to simply spay a kitty. Oh my goodness. What I hate is how we always have to pay all that right then and there. Ugh! I’m just curious because when I had my kitties declawed it cost $300 total — for two kitties. So I’m curious. I got them spayed for under $50 at a low cost clinic.

  2. holy moley!  i just called for an estimate to get our cat declawed and cut…it was like over $200 at one office, and about $65 at another.  I’m going to the cheaper…our close friends use him all the time.  It’s crazy how much they charge, and how much they can vary in a small little town too!

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