Home from church….have had lunch and a bit of a nap.  Tommy and I curled up in my bed and watched “the Lion King”.  He feel asleep, so we will finish that movie some other time.   He is sleeping quietly in my bed, so I am going to get up and do a few things.   I suppose I should clean up the kitchen a bit and finish the living and dining room.  

I will probably start on de-cluttering the office tonight as my hubby got called into work.  The person on the second shift called in sick so he will be working the night shift tonight.   I haven’t been home alone at night in years.  My hubby used to work the night shift when I first moved here, but eventually was injured at that job. 

My brother called today, always nice to hear from him.   I miss my family around the holidays, but prefer to not travel all over with the kids, especially Tommy.  Well I best get a few things done.  Check back later! 

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