Morning, I love vacations!   I slept well last night, though Tommy woke up in the middle of the night.   I got up with him this morning and spent my waking time on the computer.  Now it will be time to shower and start my day.  

Today I will be decluttering my dining room and educational area.   It will be an all day event I am sure.  Once done, that is all I will do for the day. 

My shoulders are sore this morning from cleaning and oiling the wood floors in the living room yesterday.   The wood floor is much smaller in the dining room. 

I just read some flylady mail and LOVE the motto for 2004.  “Less is More in 2004!!”  I can live with that!!  I am working towards that as I declutter this week.   My hubby is sort of getting on board, he is such a packrat! 

Time for me to start my day, shower and dress!  Later!  Have a great Day!

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