Just my luck…….Had a great weekend. I was able to get a number of loads of laundry done yesterday, finished my Christmas cards and paid bills or at least 1/2 of them. We finished the eveningwith Family movie night, we watched Santa Clause 2. Tommy liked watching Santa. At about 8:00 I started feeling sick, stomach ache, headache, chills. I was in bed by 8:30. I actually just got out of bed now, at 4:00pm. I am so tired and not feeling very well at all. So obviously I had to call in sick to work. I sure hope I can make it to work tomorrow. Wednesday my vacation is suppose to start.

Hubby went to see the surgereon about the growth on his neck today but had to reschedule as he was tied up in surgery. Our new computer fried last night, so hubby had to take it back to Best Buy. THey called the video card that fried is still under warranty, so we will get that fixed. Hubby was not very happy! My hubby’s official start date for his job is today, he will no longer be a temporary employee…yeah…he will eventually get some benefits, etc.

Well I best go get dressed. Later!

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  1. Hey, Ostara, congrats to your dh on the new job.  Hope all is well with his neck.

    Love the pic of your family–it’s been awhile,I know. I just don’t know how you blog & work & parent…whew! 

    EJ is doing super since ABA has started.  I’m thinking of starting another blog, I’ll let you know if/when I do. 

    Wishing you a blessed holiday

  2. PS–I used to be mscaffeineaddict & cupojava, (haven’t checked up on bookmoms for awhile, my bad) just so you know who the heck is e-propping you Just don’t reply to mspolyglot,ok?  I’m not going to blog there.

    Again, have a peaceful holiday.  I have to go back and read up on your blog over Christmas vacation

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