Morning…today is Coyan Christmas. We will have all of my hubby’s family over to celebrate Christmas, about 20 people or so. The house is pretty clean so I don’t have much to do there, but I do need to get a few things done.

I talked to Josh’s bio father last night and he said he would sign anything that Josh needed to go on his trip to Mexico. I told Josh and he felt relieved I think. I will now call and find out the details of what we need, etc. I have wrapped all the presents last night so I am done, except for a Santa present we have hidden at my SIL’s.

I need to finish up my Christmas cards today and get them in the mail. I best make my to do list and shopping list and get this day going.


Make Sugarfree Pie for FIL
To go Sam’s Club
Grocery Store
Make Fudge
Make 7 Layer Salad

Later have a great day!

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