YEAH it is FRIDAY!!!   I wrote my holiday newsletter last night and even got some of our christmas cards printed.  I will complete the cards tonight and get them mailed tomorrow.  I need to wash clothes and iron toinght for sure.  This morning when getting ready for work, I didn’t have any pants ironed.  ARGH!!  So I just grabbed dress and flew out of the house.  That is fine as today we are going out to a fairly upscale restaurant for our work holiday lunch.  We will be going to Kincades in downtown St Paul.  I don’t think I have ever eaten there before. 

I plan in getting off of work early today, so I will go home after out work lunch and wrap present and start some laundry.  Erik will be coming to out house tonight to spend a week with us for Christmas.  That will be nice.   I can’t wait until the boys see the present they are getting from Santa!!!  I think they will be so surprised. 

Joshua surprised me last night.  I told him I will try to take him to get his passport during my Christmas vacation, but I have to get permission from his father.   He really reacted to that.   He was upset saying, “why should he have a say in what I do. etc”   I was really taken back by this as Josh rarely talks about his real father.  We tried to explain it to him by saying how we wouldn’t want Erik’s mom taking him out of the country without us knowing, etc…it is to protect kids.  But he doesn’t see that the same as “Paul sees his kids, my dad only choses to see two of his kids”.   He was really upset by this.  I never really thought it bothered him, but maybe I was wrong.  I hope this will pass, maybe it is the holidays combined with the fact that Josh has never even met his last two siblings.  I hope his father cooperates and does the paperwork so Josh can go to Mexico.   This is something that Josh needs to deal with, I can’t fix this for him. 

I hope to go home to SD with the boys in a few months or so.  Josh can see his father’s family then hopefully.  I know he wants to see his grandparents.

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  1. Did you double check that rule?  I thought it was only for children under the age of 14 that needed both parents permission?  Hugs to Josh for how he feels about this – I think I would feel the same way in his position.

    I also didn’t know you needed a passport to go to Mexico – Isn’t a birth certificate enough?

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