Well we are half way through this insanely busy week!!  I am officially done with my Christmas shopping.  Tonight is our Christmas Potluck at our Families First class at church.  Joshua doesn’t have church tonight.  Tommy and I will go and hubby will come after work. 

I think I will be skipping my book group on Thursday night as I have so much to get done for Coyan Christmas on Saturday.   I also need to finish making a few gifts.  I never finished the book for group anyways.  I will finish it over vacation! 

YEAH!!  Only three more days of work and then I am on vacation.  My hubby will be off of work most of the time I am as well as his factory is closed.  ARGH….but he doesn’t get paid for those days.  He will only be working about 2 or three days a week.  That is going to hurt us budget wise.  This pay period is our largest with expenses of house payment and child support. 

I have many things I want to get done while on vacation……I am very excited.  I hope to catch up for friends and write some letters and read and work on webpages….oh..and organize the house.  I will be busy I am sure!!!

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  1. Have a lovely vacation! Your eldest son is the same age as I am, I’m sure he is busy with final exams huh. I hope you all have a great vacation!! =)

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