OK we are home! Joshua has left to go to this Dad’s for the weekend. Tommy has had lunch and I am ready to put him down for a nap. He actaully made it to all the stores without falling asleep.

First we went to the grocery store……..then library and post office. Then to Walmart to buy some material for christmas gifts and socks for Tommy. His socks were getting too little and he needs some big socks to keep warm in this MN weather. My boys has some big feet!

Next I am off to clean up the kitchen and start baking. I have three batches of cookies to make for the cookie exchange on Monday. I received many Christmas cards and a surprise gift. WOW…my friends are so amazing. I need to sit down and right her a letter. I have been terrible about writing and I never talk on the phone either. As always I need to take steps to continue my wonderful friendships.

Off to put Tommy to bed…….and get busy!

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