Snowy day in Minnesota, but the drive to work was ok.  I now have 4 wheel drive which makes it easy to drive in this yuck!  The funny this is I have to take 1/2 a day off of work today, just to get groceries and run errands.   It is pathetic!!  We have no milk, lunch meat, cheese, bread or fresh fruit and veggies in the house.  I must get food today!! 

So I figure I will make some treats for my secret Santa today.  I figure I will make some monkey bread and banana bread to continue my jungle/ monkey business theme.  She actually has two pet monkeys.  Next week we will end the monkey business and dedicate a day or two to her dogs…she trains those too.  I will make Puppy Chow for that week.   The last day I will give some human treats…and the final gift will have to be a stuffed monkey…as they are the king of the jungle!   

Well off to do some needed paperwork then head home and get groceries and bake.  Later!

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