Sears pictures story…..nothing is every easy around the holidays!  I had our family pictures taken a bit later than usual this year.  never again!!   Our appointment was for 3:45.  We arrived at the Sears Portrait Studio about 3:50 and they said it would be at least an hour wait.  So we head back home for a while.  We return to the studio at 4:45 and are told it will be about 15 minutes, so we wait.   It isn’t like we could reschedule, since we only have Erik with us everyother weekend.   That 15 minutes wait really was about another hour.   But the kids actually waited very nicely, even Tommy.  The pictures went pretty good too.   I am going to try to post the proofs from the Sears website, but not sure how it will work.  Here goes nothing…….


Our sons – Josh (15), Erik (11) and Tommy

Tommy – age 2


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