When I went to pick up the free 5×7 of the Santa picture, I ran into Christopher Banks (a store) and bought myself a sweater and shirt for our family pictures tomorrow. Now all I have to do is fix Erik’s hair and buy him a new shirt. He has dress pants and shoes as my kids always have church clothes. So we are good to go there.

Josh is on the roof of the house putting up Christmas lights. He does them every year for us. I picked up Erik from his cousins and he is home now too. Tommy is still napping so I best go and hurry up and do the dishes before he wakes up. Once hubby gets home we will be going out without the kids!! YEAH! Can you tell we don’t get out much, almost never! So we are going out to supper and Christmas shopping. I wonder where we will eat……..hmmm…..somewhere sort of quick as we have alot of shopping to do.

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