Hello…just taking a quick break to stop in and chat. Not much to report actually. I have spent my afternoon doing laundry, completing the rebates for the computer stuff hubby bought this weekend and putting away clean clothes. I cleaned and vacuumed Tommy’s bedroom and changed his sheets. I changed our bed as well and went through my shoes and threw out a few more pairs that really aren’t in good enough condition to take up space in my closet.

OH…today they announced in church about the youth mission trip this year. They will have hand outs next Sunday with all the details. It sounds like Josh would like to go again. This year they are going to Juarez, Mexico, June 19 – 27th. They will be painting houses and other odd jobs. It is with the same group again, Youth WOrks. I hope this is about the same cost. The last trip was expensive, but the experience for him is amazing so well worth it. My son will leave the country before I ever do.

Time for me to go give Tommy a bath and get his diaper bag ready for tomorrow. Later!

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  1. Sounds like a great mission trip! Our church once talked about going to Mexico, but the congregation objected to them going out of the country when so many in our country need help. They even complained that they go to Tennessee when so many in our own area need help. Can’t please everyone I guess!

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