Today is get things done DAY!! I need to conquer huge pile of laundry. Tommy and I need to run to the library and Target as a gift that is on sale. I want to get the living room all cleaned up (pick up Tommy’s Toys) and get ready to put up for Christmas Tree. I think Tommy will enjoy it very much!

I found a wonderful Advent activity site so I might talk to hubby and see if he would like to do that. YOu can check it out at I found the link on Brown_eye_mom’s blog.

Last night hubby got home and we measured the kitchen for a new fridge. Our current fridge does not open all the way due to the counter. SO I wanted to make sure the new fridge would open all the way. I have been saving up money for months for the new fridge and finally almost have enough money. We went and look and the fridge we wanted, a side by side with no ice or water was marked down 200.00. YEAH!! I have enough money then! We had to purchase the floor model which has a little scratch on the front, but hubby can fix it. It is the last one like that. But it is wider than our current fridge so we had to buy a smaller microwave too. But with the discount on the fridge I could swing a 80.00 microwave. Paid for it all in cash, no credit! YEAH!! It will be delivered on December 8th, we will have it for Christmas.. I can’t wait! We really needed a new fridge our current one is 20 years old and the seal is no longer attached to the door. So now we have replaced all the major appliances, except for the stove and oven. THose will need to wait a few years as I need to have the cupboards redone to change the oven that is in our wall. I want a double oven as all you know I love to cook! We have a carpenter friend that will help revamp that.

Of course while we were in Best Buy, hubby looked at computers and was able to get a new tower. He is very excited. So that was his Thanksgving present. So I might be off line for a bit while he sets up his new computer and stuff. But I can always use the kids computer I guess.

Time to hit the shower and get going on this day!

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